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Modernist Magazines Project

The Waste Land Project

"Araby" Maps

Final Projects


Resource Exchange: If you find something related to another group's specialty, leave it here!

Instructions for Inserting and Formatting Citations

DIRT: Digital Research Tools: A resource for finding tools useful for your project.

Biblos: An extremely useful resource for anyone studying Biblical references in the Waste Land. The site hosts all sorts of tools--an atlas, Greek and Hebrew roots, commentaries, and various different translations.

This particular quotation from "Dullness" by George Saintsbury in The Criterion applies to us all, I believe: "Now, most literature...requires this small thing to be done by the reader. All [is] greatly improved, at any rate taken out of the possible vein of dullness, by activity instead of passivity on the reader's part" (Saintsbury 7). Now, isn't it cool that we're being so proactive for our understanding of "The Waste Land"? Click for citation.

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