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I added some resource links to help everyone with content formatting and media insertion, as well as an entertaining video to give you a sense of what's possible.

The Discussion tab is a place to post notes on the editing or direction of a document, as well as to argue points about the material.

What should go on the home page?

At some point we'll need to discuss as a group what content the home page should include, how it should be organize, and what sort of look & feel it should have. Feel free to add your comments here. Jeff -9/5/2012 1:10pm

PS -- be sure to sign all your Discussion entries and add the date and time, since the software doesn't do that for you automatically. Jeff -9/5/2012 1:11pm

Hey all, I just created a Resource Exchange page for the group--if you find something related to another group's discipline, leave it there and let them know! Thanks! Rebekah -09/10/2012 2:44pm

Just added a link to Biblos in Resource Exchange. Great study tool for anyone interested in Biblical influences! Rebekah -11/14/2012 3:18pm

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