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Information exchange is a good thing! If you find something that falls under another group's specialty, leave it hear and give them a shout! :)



Supposedly T.S. Eliot based these lines on this song from what I gathered of sources. Based on the lines 128-130 from A Game of Chess section.
This could be useful for the Quotes & Allusions group, too. --Jeff
Nice! We've actually got three versions of this song on the page at this point. --Rebekah
Not sure where this would go, if anywhere?

Archival Evidence

Quotations & Allusions

A Blog that dives deeper into the allusions and references of The Waste Land

Another interesting blog

A Visual Guide to References in T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land: Thought you guys might find this useful!

Other Resources

He Do the Police in Different Voices: This is the computer-reading page of a Waste Land course site that uses a combination of quantitative and human readings of features of the waste land text, represented with color-coded markings.

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